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Swacha Chikmagalur
Swacha Chikmagalur
Swacha Chikmagalur
Swacha Chikmagalur

1.In every ward With the help of philanthropists primary containment of garbage was done using mesh.

2. Pushcarts were used for primary collection of wastes from house to house.

3. With the help of the, then Deputy Commissioner of Chikmagalur, Mr.K.R.Srinivas, the then Zilla Panchayath C.E.O, Mr.Kenchappa and Z.P.President, T.D.Rajegowda, empty sites and large drains of the entire city were cleared of rubble and garbage using JCB's, Tractors and lorries.

4. With the help of NGO of Chikmagalur and District Administration, anti plastic jatha was carried out.

5. Karnataka Government chose Raichur and Chikmagalur to implement ISWM programme, with the persistence of the then Deputy Commissioner, Mr.K.R.Srinivas, Swacha Charitable Trust was selected as an implementing Agency to Chikmagalur. With good support of Municipality, District Administration, Police, Chikmagalur, Development Authority, Zilla Panchayath, Health Department, various competitions and programmes were conducted.

Under ISWM, following programmes were conducted

1. Large educative hoardings were put up in prime areas of town.

2. House to house visits done giving them hanging cards to put up in The kitchen, giving details about segregation of waste.

3. Coloured Dust bins - red and green were distributed to help people to segregate the waste at the primary level.

4. School visits - school children were educated through on the spot painting and essay writing competitions.

5. Best painting and Best slogans were erected in the town as large hoardings.

6. Resident Welfare Association (RWA) were formed for smooth implementation of the ISWM concept.

7. Street plays, magic shows, Togalu Bombe drama etc., were conducted to create awareness among the public.

8. Work shops were conducted in all wards to educate civilians with regarding segregation and disposal of solid waste.

9. Workshops were conducted for pourakarmikas.

10. Bio Medical Waste disposal was streamlined involving all the doctors of the city.

11. Teachers, our staff, government officials and U.L.Bs were also trained regarding solid waste management.

12. Daily announcement through auto in town to create awareness among civilians.

13. Information KIOSK was opened to educate people. More than 70% citizens were educated to give the house hold wastes to push carts, with this process, littering was reduced.

14. State level workshops for U L B's of Karnataka state was conducted.

We thank INEP, DMA, District Administration for the great opportunity given to us.

We are thankful to City Municipality, Chikmagalur, Government of Karnataka, Norvegian Government, Residents of Chikmagalur City for smooth running of the concept ISWM

But we have miles to go.... before we achieve the target of litter free city.

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